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Whether you were born with hooded eyes or have lost volume due to aging, upper eyelid rejuvenation may be the right treatment for you! This minimally invasive procedure will lift the upper eyelids and add volume for a brighter, refreshed appearance.

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Upper Eyelid Rejuvenating Procedure

Upper eyelid rejuvenation can improve the appearance of low-hanging lids and hooded eyes. Hyaluronic acid fillers are a great choice for non-surgical upper eyelid rejuvenation because they are a soft tissue filler that is safe for the delicate skin around your eyes. These fillers will be injected into various points in the upper eyelid and below your brows to lift the skin and add volume. Although most patients find this procedure to be minimally painful, a topical numbing cream can be applied to the skin to keep you as comfortable as possible during treatment.

Who is a Candidate for Upper Eyelid Rejuvenation?

Upper eyelid rejuvenation is a great procedure for patients who want to open their eyes or target sagging skin resulting from aging. Adult men and women of all ages in overall good health can benefit from this injectable treatment. However, if you have a history of bleeding problems or an allergy to any ingredients in the injectable formula, you may need to consider another treatment option.

Results and Recovery

There is virtually no downtime or recovery after upper eyelid rejuvenation. Mild injection site bruising, swelling, and redness is common but will quickly subside within a few days. Since swelling is possible, we recommend giving yourself a few weeks before any big events. The results of your injectable procedure will last about 6 months and additional treatments can be scheduled to maintain your beautiful results for years.