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The BBL reversal can help restore the butt to its un-augmented state or reduce the volume achieved with a Brazilian butt lift procedure. Dr. Rau can help you recapture your natural curves with a comprehensive procedure here in Denver.

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BBL Reversal Procedure

The Brazilian butt lift works by transferring fat from one area of the body to the butt in order to enhance its shape, size, and projection. This procedure is reversible, but getting flattering and natural-looking results from a BBL reversal requires the expertise of an aesthetics-trained plastic surgeon.

BBL reversal uses liposuction to remove or reduce the transferred fat from the butt. However, in order to get the best result, Dr. Rau also utilizes treatments like BodyTite and Morpheus8 in order to tighten skin appropriate to the amount of fat removed. In cases where there is too much excess skin and it needs surgical removal, or reconstruction of the gluteal crease is needed, Dr. Rau can discuss the appropriate approach.

Who is a Candidate for BBL Reversal?

BBL reversal candidates are patients who have undergone a Brazilian butt lift in the past but want to return to their pre-BBL look or remove some fat if too much was transferred. There are a variety of reasons that patients seek out BBL reversal including unsatisfactory results, complications, or they’ve simply changed their mind. In order to be considered a good candidate, you should be in overall good health and able to follow pre- and post-operative instructions from Dr. Rau.

Results and Recovery

Although you’ll see almost immediate results with your BBL reversal, your recovery may be similar to your initial butt augmentation procedure (depending on the extent of your unique BBL reversal). This means 2-4 weeks of limiting your activity level and wearing a compression garment to support your results. Dr. Rau will give you a detailed recovery plan and specific steps to follow in order to get best results.

Within several weeks, swelling should subside, and your results should become more apparent. During this time, you will follow up with Dr. Rau to ensure your results progress appropriately. As with your initial BBL, your results can last for the long term when you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.