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Are you ready to bring your skincare game to the next level? Are even the most seemingly high-end skincare products just not cutting it anymore? It sounds like it is time for you to switch to a medical-grade skincare that targets skin conditions and skin health from a scientific level. Available exclusively through your provider, medical-grade skincare can offer effective, targeted, and long-lasting results that cannot be bought at a drug store or department store.

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Mother’s Day Special

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Why Choose Medical Grade Skincare?

So now you must be wondering what the difference is between medical-grade skincare and regular over the counter skincare. Medical-grade skincare, sometimes called professional-grade skincare, is designed to treat specific skin concerns, whether you’re dealing with acne, wrinkles, or redness, this skincare can offer a more targeted and intense treatment. These skincare products also contain a greater concentration of active ingredients than mainstream skincare products, making them more effective at treating certain skin conditions with more favorable results.

Most medical-grade skincare products include highly stabilized ingredients that last longer and take longer to break down, allowing for product longevity. High concentrations of active ingredients can also penetrate deeper into the skin through a more involved absorption mechanism, proving more effective at achieving great results.  Over-the-counter skincare may say it includes ingredients like retinol, but in truth, they may only contain trace amounts. For this reason, mainstream skincare is unable to make the claim that it can “treat” certain conditions, because sometimes they simply cannot.

Epicutis at Amavi Aesthetics

While professional-grade skincare is more widely available than it used to be, the effectiveness and quality still reflect upon the provider that recommends it. That is why at Amavi Aesthetics we take great pride in prescribing and recommending medical-grade skincare that is proven to improve skin conditions across the whole spectrum. We offer 100% non-toxic skincare products from Epicutis, an innovative skincare brand that stands by its four pillars of being clinical, kind, clean, and green.


Epicutis was developed in a research lab at Princeton using advanced biotech methods. Upon realizing that no brand came close to meeting the standards for transparency, clean formulation, clinical legitimacy, and responsible production, Epicutis was born as its own skincare company.


Epicutis products are never, ever tested on animals. They were developed in a lab using rigorous testing procedures alongside professional estheticians.


Epicutis products are safe, gentle, and fragrance-free, making them compatible with all skin types and tones. They are also EWG Verified™, meaning they are approved for use in the EU where safety standards are much higher than in the US.


The botanicals used in Epicutis products are all responsibly sourced, with many of the ingredients being organic and non-GMO. Epicutis also uses sustainable production and packaging processes.

SkinMedica at Amavi Aesthetics

This powerful brand of skin care was developed by a team of dedicated skin science experts. By recognizing the limitless potential of science, SkinMedica is able to deliver products that are clinically proven to provide results at a cellular level. Since 1999, SkinMedica has delivered ground-breaking medical-grade skin care that can slow the aging process or reveal the potential of beautiful skin from the inside out.