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A breast lift can restore your youthful appearance and confidence by lifting your breasts and improving their shape. If you feel self-conscious about sagging or asymmetrical breasts, you should consider breast lift surgery.

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Breast Lift Procedure

A breast lift will improve the shape of your breasts and improve the appearance of sagging breasts caused by pregnancy, aging, or significant weight changes. There are several different techniques that can be used, and the choice of incision used may depend on the tone and texture of your breast skin.

The lollipop lift makes an incision around the areola and a vertical incision extending down to the breast crease. The anchor lift is similar to a lollipop lift because it involves the circular and vertical incision, but a horizontal incision will also be made at the bottom of the breast fold.

After your incision(s) are made, excess skin will be removed, and the breast tissue will be shaped to create a lifted, perkier appearance. Large areolas can also be reduced, and the nipple-areolar complex will be raised to improve the appearance of downward-facing nipples and make the areola proportionate to the placement of your newly lifted breasts.

Who is a Candidate for a Breast Lift?

Patients with sagging breasts, downturned nipples, or stretched skin are all candidates for a surgical breast lift. As with any surgical procedure, you should be physically healthy and not smoke. Those who benefit the most from this procedure are women who have undergone weight changes or pregnancy and breastfeeding.

You can also combine your breast lift with breast augmentation and breast implants for added fullness in the upper part of your breasts. Depending on the pre-existing breast volume, an “auto-augmentation” can be performed to help improve the projection of your breasts, with or without an implant.

Results and Recovery

After your breast lift surgery, you will be given a special support bra that you should wear for a few weeks to support your healing breasts and reduce swelling. Swelling, bruising, and soreness are all common (especially during the first few days) but prescription or over-the-counter pain medication should alleviate this discomfort.

Breast lift scars can also take several months to heal and some skin types are more prone to scarring which is why Dr. Rau will take considerate care to choose the right incision for you. Full breast lift recovery will take several months but after this time, you can enjoy a more youthful breast contour and improved breast shape.