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If you have thin lips or downturned corners of your mouth, a lip lift will augment your lips, create more proportionate features and enhance your smiles. Lip lift surgery can be performed to augment your upper and/or lower lip to brighten your smile and create a more youthful appearance.

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Lip Lift Procedure

A surgical lip lift is typically performed to shorten the distance between your nose and the top of the upper lip to augment and enhance thin or downturned lips. This common type of lip lift is also called an upper lip lift. The area between the lips and nose is called the philtrum and as your skin ages, the vertical distance of this area may increase, making your lips appear thinner. By shortening the gap, more of the pink vermillion of your lips and your upper teeth will show to enhance your smile.

The most common technique is a bullhorn lip lift, also called subnasal lip lift. Dr. Rau will make an incision across the base of your nose where the scar is easily hidden in the natural creases of your face. A small strip of skin will be removed from the philtrum and the remaining skin will be pulled up to achieve a lifted, enhanced lip. The amount of skin that is removed depends on your cosmetic goals and how much of a lift you desire. The lip lift procedure usually takes less than an hour and can be performed under local anesthesia.

There are different types of lip lifts that can be performed, however. A corner lip lift can be done in combination with this procedure or as an alternative to treat downturned lips. A gull-wing lip lift or direct lip lift augments the upper lip by making an incision just above the lip.

Who is a Candidate for a Lip Lift?

Patients who are not achieving the results they want from lip fillers or those who desire permanent lip enhancement may be great candidates for this procedure! Patients of all ages desire a lifted appearance and the techniques used with your lip lift can address different concerns like downturned corners or a large gap between the nose and lips.

The only people who may not be candidates are those with too short of a distance between their noses and lips or those who scar poorly. If you would like to augment your lips but fall into these groups, fillers may be the better option.

Results and Recovery

Recovery is minimal after a lip lift surgery and most patients can manage their pain with ice and over-the-counter pain medication. However, prescription medication can be prescribed if desired. You will feel a pulling sensation for a few days after surgery and experience swelling for about two weeks. If your lips look disproportionate during the first week, please do not be alarmed. As the swelling reduces, you will see the beautiful results of your lip lift and you can expect these results to be permanent.