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Choosing the Right Option for You: A Guide to Butt Enhancement Procedures at Amavi


At Amavi Aesthetic Surgery, we believe that everyone deserves to feel their best in their own skin. Sometimes this means undergoing procedures to help enhance your natural assets and boost your confidence. For those who would like a more pronounced and shapely figure, a butt enhancement might be just the way to go. Here are the different procedures that we offer to help our clients get the body of their dreams.

Non-Surgical BBL

A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a surgical procedure that can have a dramatic impact on the shape of one’s figure. However, many clients are put off by the prospect of a surgical procedure. Just because you don’t wish to undergo surgery doesn’t mean that a BBL is completely off the table, however. A non-surgical BBL entails using dermal fillers to add volume and adjust the shape of your buttocks. This procedure is far less invasive than its surgical counterpart, but can still produce quite significant results.

Body Contouring Fat Grafting

Fat grafting involves harvesting excess fat from one area of the body and transferring it to another. Often, patients will opt to remove fat from their stomach area and have it added to their buttocks. This allows them to not only enhance the areas where they’d like more volume, but reduce excess fat in the areas that they would like to slim down.

Choosing The Right Procedure For You

Choosing the right procedure for you depends on your goals, preferences, and other factors that may affect you as a candidate for butt enhancement. Many patients opt for a non-surgical BBL as it’s the least invasive way to enhance your butt and has an extremely short recovery time. However, this procedure will offer the least dramatic results of the different procedures that we offer.

Surgical options such as fat grafting offer more dramatic results, but as it is a surgical procedure, you will need to prepare for a longer recovery time. While these procedures do require surgery and a period of recovery, they will leave you with the most dramatic results.

It’s always possible to try a non-surgical procedure first and then opt for surgery if you’re not happy with the results that you achieve from fillers. In fact, opting for a non-surgical option first can be a great way to determine if you’d like the more dramatic results you’d achieve from a more invasive procedure.

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